Personal Training

What is personal training?

Personal training at Chicago Spine and Sports is provided by the Health Results team lead by Robyn L Kretschy Becker, M.S., ACE, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT.

Robyn offers a comprehensive training program that combines her master’s level education with her nearly 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field, in helping people to successfully lose fat mass and preserve muscle and bone density in the process. Robyn helps people stay motivated through personalized plans to maintain their healthy changes.

Tiffany White, B.S., ACSM, Certified Personal Trainer, holds a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Tiffany’s positive attitude and energy brings out the best in our clients and helps motivate them to move more and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Tiffany spends her free time staying active herself as well as volunteering with health education organizations, such as the Purple Asparagus.

Sarah Gucwa, B.S., ACSM, CNA, RN, Exercise Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainer with American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), is a 2012 graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago and holding her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Sarah is a creative trainer who brings out the inner strength in clients, while assessing and correcting for proper form during the workouts. She offers a unique medical perspective combining her fitness with a nursing degree and experience.

The Healthy Results team provides professional personal training and wellness services to all individuals who are serious about health improvement and dedication required when taking the necessary steps to change and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Results embraces working with each person, no matter the range in fitness levels, to help he or she reach life changing goals.

What types of personal training?

One-on-one personal training - these sessions last from 30 mins to an hour.  They are focused on the client's individual goals, whether that is improving strength, cardiovascular fitness, and/or weight loss.

Fitness Fix Small Group Exercise classes – 30-45 minute classes, maximum 4 participants, using High-Intensity programs proven to provide results not only in increased muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance but also in weight loss and overall health improvements.

Weight Management small group meetings - These small group meetings focus on accountability, community, group workouts, healthy food choices, and healthy life choices.

What should a client expect from their sessions?

The first session involves a detailed discussion of prior exercise history, health history, clients expectations and goals as well as analysis of body composition and fitness assessment.  Based on this information a detailed exercise program will be designed catering to the clients individual needs.

In subsequent sessions, the trainer will lead the client through a workout, providing motivation, advice, and feedback throughout and monitor the client’s progress towards his or her goals.