Rehabilitative & Functional Training

What is Functional rehabilitation?

Functional rehabilitation at Chicago Spine and Sports is different from classic rehabilitation you may have received at other facilities.  Special movement screens are implemented to direct the prescription of targeted corrective exercises.  Research has shown that patients with pain improve faster with properly prescribed exercises that are directed at correcting the mechanical cause of pain. As needed, our doctors will develop an individualized corrective exercise program specifically designed for you based on your injury and the activity or sport you wish to return.

What types of movement screens are used for exercise prescription?

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Y-Balance Test
  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Sport Specific Tests

What types of rehabilitation programs are there?

At Chicago Spine and Sports, we utilize a proprietary blend of rehabilitation techniques.

These programs are uniquely individualized to each and every patient.  Our programs vary based on the needs of the patient.  The programs can be classified into movement based programs depending on the patients individually needs of mobility, stability, return-to-sport, strengthening, endurance, pain relief, and/or recovery program(s)

At the foundation of our programs is the neurodevelopmental sequencing.  

What does this mean?

Think about when we are born. We start out lying on our backs most of the time, then crawling, then kneeling, and then finally standing.  Rehabbing from the ground up allows us to start you off in the safest place for you to begin. While on the floor, gravity has less of an effect on the body. Since we’re able to take gravity out of the equation, basic stability tends to improve. The floor is giving extra support and stability, so learning basic moves becomes easier if you start on the floor. As you improve we progress you with more demands such as different positions and different resistances.

How can Functional Rehabilitation help?


This is something you will often hear us say.  Too many times we rush into an exercise regimen without having proper ability to move, then an injury occurs. By using our movement screens we try to identify any issues you may have before or after an injury.